The Dry Arch Children's Centres

The Dry Arch Children’s Centre's have launched our Trauma Teddy Campaign to comfort children who have been subjected to distressing situations and trauma.
We have recently partnered up with the PSNI in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough who have expressed their gratitude at the comfort the teddies have provided since the project began.
We have been donating small numbers of Teddies to the PSNI for the past number of years, however we want ensure that there is enough teddies for everyone, not only in our Council area but throughout Northern Ireland as we aim to engage other front line services.

What is the Dry Arch TRAUMA TEDDY campaign?

The Dry Arch Children's Centre are working with our community partners to build a more trauma informed, resilient community in the Western Trust Area and beyond. We are currently working in partnership with the trust to improve awareness about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) are the effects it can have on emotional and physical health, not only in child hood but later in life.
We are asking for the support of the local community, whether it be through community groups or individuals to become involved in our Trauma Teddy Appeal and knit/crochet Teddies to ensure all children who have suffered from ACE's and traumatic experiences can receive a teddy. 

Sgt. Terry McKenna being presented with the latest batch of Trauma Teddies from the Dry Arch Yarn a While parents group.

These knitted teddies will be provided by Police officers, Family Support Workers and others front line services to comfort children affected by traumatic events. Trauma teddies will be given as a simple distraction to help take a child's focus away from potentially upsetting circumstances and help police officers build a relationship and turn the experience into something positive. 
 It’s also hoped the teddy bears will play a part in aiding the recovery of any child who is involved in distressing or traumatic situations.  As well as providing comfort to children, parents will receive information about how they can access support through our local services.

How do you sign up and how can you get the teddies to the Dry Arch Centre?


We would love you to sign up to our Trauma Teddy Campaign so we can keep a record of how many people are supporting the project - we will also be able to keep you updated via email of how the project is progressing. 

All you have to do it sign up is click HERE and start knitting to help children in your area and stay up to date.

You can donate your completed teddies to the any of the Dry Arch Children's Centres in Dungiven or Limavady, or at you local police station. 

Please click this link for full step by step instructions and information on what materials you need and how to knit/crochet a teddy >>> STEP BY STEP GUIDE
We are working on our own video tutorial, however you can watch this YouTube Tutorial here for now; VIDEO TUTORIAL

You can leave your completed Trauma Teddies to any Dry Arch Children's Centre in Limavady or Dungiven, or in the local Police Station.

You can send us pictures of your teddies to and we will post them on our Social Media pages and use them in email updates to everyone who has subscribed to the campaign.