Toddler Time 2-3 Year Old Programme – Termoncanice

Toddler Time 2-3 Year Old Programme in starting September 2018

 Programme Timetable

The Dry Arch Children's Centre has will be delivering Toddler Time in Termoncanice Primary School starting September 2018. 
  • Toddler Time will run 4 hours per week. One session will be in the morning and one session will be in the afternoon.
  • Mondays and Tuesday from 9.30-11.30am
  • Mondays and Tuesdays from 12.30-2.30pm

 Who can attend this programme?

  • To be eligible for this programme you have to reside within the SureStart catchment area, which incudes Coolesan, Dungiven, Enagh, Feeny, Glack, Greystone, Roeside, The Highlands and Upper Glenshane electoral wards. To find out if you your house is in these wards you can ring us and we will check you postcode. 
  • Your child must be born between 2nd July 2015 and 1st July 2016.
  • The Family must be registered with SureStart prior to commencement.
  • Parents must commit to ensuring that their child attends on a regular basis (minimum of 80% attendance)

 How to Apply?

The Dry Arch Centre are accepting ALL the application forms. Please do not send them to Termoncanice School.
The deadline for application forms to be received is Friday 20th July at 5pm.Any forms received after this date will not accepted.
In order to apply you need to complete the application form. You can download a word version of the application form by clicking the link below.
 Please return all forms to Dry Arch Suretart, Glenshane Business Park, Legavallon Road, Dungiven BT47 4QL

 Information about Toddler Time

The staff in Toddler Time are very aware that preparing your child for preschool is a very important but special time. Toddler Time follows a series of developmental themes including Physical; Personal, Social and Emotional and Communication and Language Development.

 What happens at Toddler Time?

Toddler Time provides children aged 2-3 years with a range of activities including:

  • Music, songs, rhymes, musical instruments, action songs to develop language skills, physical development and expression through music;
  • Children are encouraged to access resources and exercise freedom of choice about the activities they wish to participate in;
  • Stimulating conversation, interactive play and learning to socialise, share and make friends is all part of the day;
  • Heuristic Play (play using everyday objects such as wooden spoons and pans encourages curiosity and exploration and offers opportunities to categorise and compare);
  • Extensive selection of books, stories, poems and rhymes to encourage communication and language.
  • Sand and water play to introduce early science concepts such as pouring, measuring, wet, dry, full and empty.
  • Extensive opportunities for encouraging expressive development through painting, gluing and drawing; using a variety of art materials;
  • Play dough and clay are sensory experiences which encourage small motor skills in hands and fingers.
  • Role play through dressing up, using puppets and ‘let’s pretend’ in the home corner. Children use role play to make sense of the world around them through  acting out familiar experiences.
  • Cooking and baking helps develop science knowledge such as measuring and weighing. Healthy eating habits are also encouraged.
  • Planting and growing activities both in the garden and indoors to encourage the children to care for living things and gain knowledge of nature and the world around them.
  • An extensive range of construction toys such as bricks and lego to encourage small motor skills in the fingers and hands.

Please DO NOT include any documents with this form, e.g. Birth Certificate, proof of address but we will proof at a later date. 

Please contact the Dry Arch Children's Centre on 02877742904 if you have more questions about this programme.