Dry Arch SureStart celebrate the importance of Early Years at #SureStartWorks Event

The Dry Arch Children's Centre were delighted to attend the recent SureStart Celebration event in Belfast City Hall which was organised by the Childcare Partnerships within the Health and Social Care Board and the Department of Education to celebrate the importance of Early Years for Children and Families across Northern Ireland. The Event also marked the findings of a SureStart parents Survey which was carried out throughout the Country. 

SureStart Parental Survey 2017

SureStart Booklet 2018

The Dry Arch Children's Centre is one of 39 SureStart's in Northern Ireland -  Sure Start is a programme targeted at parents and children under the age of four living in the most disadvantaged areas. It brings together health, family support and early education services which are designed to support children’s health and well-being with three core aims to improve the ability to learn, health and social development.

You can see the SureStart section of our website for information on what wards we work in, what programmes we offer and how you can get involved. SureStart services are free to attend - please get in touch with us if you would like some additional information or a chat about what we do.