Making an Easter Tree

Making an Easter Tree - Step by Step Guide

Items you will need before you start...

  • A clean glass jar or bottle (we used a recycled curry jar)
  • Cardboard (we used old cereal boxes)
  • 3-4 small - medium sized twigs (keep an eye out when walking and choose twigs which decorations can hang from)
  • Colouring in pencils, paint or decorations (optional)

Step 1

Lay newspaper or something similar out on the ground or table and place your twigs on it. I used old household acrylic wall paint as this is something most people have. If you wish to use poster paint or leave the twigs their natural color then this can be done.I used old yogurt pots to put the paint in but any old container will do.

Use smaller size paint decorating brushes or art brushes and begin to paint your twigs. Children will love to do this but make sure they are well covered in old clothes and aprons as they love to mess. You could let them use an old adult size shirt if you don’t have an apron. These make great aprons during any messy play activity for children. Stand each twig into the glass jar and let dry.

Step 2

Now comes the fun decorating the tree. This is entirely up to each person’s taste. I used ribbon and tied little bows on the ends of some branches. If you have colored tissue paper then you could scrunch small pieces up and stick onto the ends of the branches.

If you have decorated drinking straws these can be cut into small tubes to place on branch ends as I have done. I made little hanging decorations from beads. Old beads from broken necklaces or bracelets can be used or craft beads. I used both craft beads and some from old broken bracelets.

Begin by threading a ribbon, thread or wool through the beads. Make sure to tie a large knot on bottom to keep beads on. Tie a loop at end when you have enough beads on. Then ready to hang on tree. A ribbon can be tied around the neck of jar to finish off the look.

Now, you can cut out your Easter egg shapes from the cereal boxes for the children to paint, draw or paint on, glue glitter or sequins on or glue colored pasta on. I drew out the shapes on cardboard from cereal box and then cut out.  After decorating I stuck two together back to back so that each side of egg is decorated. I used homemade glue. This is great if you don’t have glue at home and also a way of teaching children science. Recipe for this will be added. A great activity to allow children and adults to get creative. You can color the pasta with markers or paint.

Our finished tree...all made from recycled materials!