Health Promoting Homes Project – Spaces Available

If you are a parent or carer and have a child or children under 15, then you are eligible to take part in the Dry Arch Children's Centre Health Promoting Homes programme. We are starting a new programme in early January which will have space if you would like to attend.

Health Promoting Homes is a Public Health Agency initiative which is delivered by Dry Arch staff from our facilities and out and about within the community.  The programme comprises of 18 sessions in total and is totally FREE to attend - in fact we will even give you a £30 incentive if you take part in all the sessions. 

The programme consists of the following elements which may be delivered in a different order than mentioned below depending on what suits the participants.

  • 6 weeks - Cook It
  • 6 Weeks - Free Gym Activities/Classes (for all levels)
  • 6 Weeks of time out/leisure activities to aid personal development

There will be crèche spaces available for certain programmes so you can leave your children with our qualified staff in the Dry Arch Children's Centre while you take part.

Please contact us at the Dry Arch Children's Centre on 02877742904 or complete the enquiry form here and we will contact you.