Dry Arch Summer Resiliency Programme

Dry Arch Children's Centre Summer Resiliency Programme

The Dry Arch Children's Centre ran two Mental Health and Resiliency programmes for young people over the Summer in Limavady and Dungiven. The programme was open to young people who have been referred into the Dry Arch Family Support Hub through partner agencies or young people who have been working with our Youth Mentors.  

Dungiven Resiliency Programme
This group started on the 3rd July and ran every Wednesday from 11am - 12.30. We have 10 young people attending between the ages of 6 and 11. The programme lasted for 6 weeks, incorporating the AMBER approach to resiliency (Anchor, Move, Breathe, Express and Relax) to enable children to communicate their feelings more and cope better with their own respective circumstance. Observations from staff and parents, coupled with programme monitoring showed a major increase in self esteem and confidence within the group after completing this programme. One child in particular who struggled at the beginning to mix with the other children and have time away from Mum was able to fully integrate and socialise with others by the end. 

Limavady Resiliency Programme
12 young people took part in this programme in Limavady which again incorporated the Amber approach. This group worked well together and the young people made lasting friendships. The group really enjoyed the energetic games and activities and took part fully in all aspects. The age range of children in this group was from 6 years old up to 12 years old.  As a result in taking part in this programme, the children gained a better understanding of how their brains and bodies are connected and how that when they practice the skill of belly breathing they can trick their stressed out brain into feeling better. As a result we noticed a significant improvement in the children's confidence and self esteem, which will allow them to participate within other programmes being delivered both by the Dry Arch Centre and other groups within the area.