Dry Arch Children’s Centre – Covid -19 Update

Statement from the Dry Arch in relation to Covid -19

Tuesday, (24th March) seemed like an unimaginable day. We were being told to close our doors, go home and keep our families safe.

Even though this is only temporary, anyone who knows the teams at The Dry Arch will know that this was met with a lot of tears and sadness at the prospect of not seeing the faces of the littlest members of our Dry Arch family for a while...and imagine the uncertainty for our little ones when they aren’t getting ready to go and see their friends every day.

It is a reminder that the world has been forced into uncertainty right now because of the Coronavirus, and no one is untouched. The social and economic disruptions of this crisis may be broad and long lasting, but we want you to know that the Dry Arch is here for you as things unfold.
Our centres are closed but we aren’t going anywhere. In the face of bad news, fearmongering and finger pointing, what we need most right now is connection and good news stories.

We cannot trivialise or underestimate the crisis we find ourselves within. However, we can reach across and go the extra mile to let our families within our community know that we are here! Stronger together! We all have the compassion, the concern and the connectedness to make sure no one struggles unnecessarily or alone.

Our capacity for compassion, kindness and our need for connection is what makes us human. Experts say never before have we been faced with such global uncertainty. This may be true. But we also believe that never before have we been given the gift of opportunity to show compassion and kindness and to question what is really important in life at the end of an uncertain day?

We are blessed too to be given the opportunity to use technology and using social media in a positive way, for the good of our Children, Families and workplaces, rather than constantly fearing what negative impact it is having on them. Indeed, it is through this very medium that we at the Dry Arch will be coming to you in your homes, through your phones through your tablets, through your computers and indeed in many instances through your televisions.

There are so many inspiring, creative community responses to this pandemic. We are linking in with other community responses locally, but we wanted to give you an insight into what we plan over the next few weeks when you find yourselves at home.
Remotely, we want help you to stay safe, stay home, stay in touch, stay connected and stay sane through:

  • Inspiring and positive news stories highlighting the strengths of our community
  • Learning from each other and sharing conversations and ideas
  • Providing FREE digital programmes and services from what we do best
  • Competitions for children, young people and the family
  • Ongoing support from our expert team
  • Delivering parcels to support you and yours

We aren’t going anywhere and will have more information on these supports in the coming days and weeks ahead! These are just a few of the many connections we will make with you while we are all separated physically. But know that we care, we are here at the end of a phone or a skype call, and we will all emerge from this mess(age) stronger

Take care of each other and remember “It takes a whole Village to raise a Child” reach across!

Brenda x

On behalf of the Dry Arch Team!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Simplicity in difficult times THE DRY ARCH CHILDREN'S CENTRES We are still here to help and support our families f Im www.dryarchcentre.org Support advice programmes and referrals will be done remotely to ensure we all stay safe at this time.'