Dawn’s Lockdown Blog – Week 9

Dawn's Dry Arch Blog - Week 9

Lock Down Low Down Week 9

Did you ever consider this would go on so long ? I never did. It feels like forever since the world was our hectic normal whirlwind. The question is how much of that old life do we actually want back or need? Have you asked yourself that question ?

I think that my energy has been somehow better spent. I have spent oddles of time with my children, answering the important question of the universe like " Momma what does a cloud taste like?"and daily dressing a little burned paw! ( cannot turn your back for a second !)

I have thought about my family more, my friends more and my community more. I have considered things differently and where I once thought that all was lost in this crazy situation I now see that there are kinder more efficient and thoughtful ways of doing the same things. However I have also learned that you have to be organised, like buy your husbands wedding anniversary card in good time like he did or he doesn't get one (oops) and that big shiny helium balloons can make any lockdown birthday a success.

The beautiful weather has been a blessing throughout, can you imagine getting through this craic in the pouring rain ­čÖü ? For the longest time we have known that our children needed less homework and more time in the outdoors,so this is another positive to take from this break from our previous lives.

Being in wide open space has an amazing effect on this household, two legs and four legs loved our outing to the beach. There was no one near us for miles and it felt magical. We climbed sand hills and slide back down them, we buried our feet in clean golden hot sand and we paddled and swam in cool sea water. We laughed and ran like it was the first time we'd seen the beach and we never wanted to leave.

On an important note, I have noticed that for our son, going away from the house is extremely difficult. After 9\10 weeks of telling our children to stay a good distance from other people, of carefully explaining to them why we can't go to the shops, the cinema or school - we now have to undo that a little bit. He struggled, it was hard to watch. We managed it like we always do with a good tight hug until the fear passes. We hold on for dear life until he calms, our hearts breaking for his. Its not easy being the parent of an extraordinary kid, its not easy for the kid, but together we find our way through with  laughter, love and acceptance of how things are. No more, no less.

Now we need to raise our heads to the sunshine. We need to look ahead and think about how that will look and start to prepare our children and young people for those days. It will be different, it will be strange to begin with and we will adapt. I will take the good things I have learned these past weeks and I will carry them into these new months. These lessons have improved our quality of life and thinking and were necessary.

Remember at all times, if you are struggling or need us for anything,  the Dry Arch Team are here waiting to help. If you have some good ideas OR thoughts about moving forward we would love to hear them. In the meantime enjoy the glorious weather, enjoy each other and stay safe and well.

For now we are a home peeping our heads out into the light and loving each other through it (mostly).