cyberPAL training accreditation

cyberPAL accreditation

The Dry Arch Children's Centre Ltd are very happy to announce that our cyberPAL training programme is now fully accredited after being endorsed by the UK's leading certification body CPD (continued professional development.

cyberPAL helps children and young people to understand the dangers of bullying and cyberbullying behaviour; as well as how to stay safe online. Given the prevalence of social media in youth peoples lives, it is important that young people and their parents are aware of the dangers and who to talk to if you are affected.

Our workshop can be delivered to a range of groups, Primary School aged children, Post Primary ages children and we also have a separate workshop for Parents/Carers.

This accreditation means we can offer you the best quality training workshop that we know is making an impact on young people and how they understand and keep safe in the online world. All participants who successfully complete our cyberPAL training will achieve a CPD certificate.

You can read more information about cyberPAL by clicking HERE, however if you would like to know more or book a workshop please contact our cyberPAL team at the Dry Arch on 02877742904.