Adverse Childhood Experiences – Starting the Conversation

The Dry Arch Children's Centre to pilot A.C.E. Aware School's/A.C.E. Aware Communities Project

The Dry Arch Children's Centre were delighted to join Kieran Downey, director of Women's and Children's Services in the Western Trust and community partners to start the conversation in relation to developing a trauma informed area in the Western Trust for our Children and Young People. Last nights discussion hopes to create an A.C.E. aware community in the Limavady Area will help the to understand how adversity in childhood shapes personal, social and educational development.

We know that a collaborative approach is needed to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and young people in our area which is why we are working together to ensure the best support is in place. If you would like to know more about Adverse Childhood Experiences or feel the Dry Arch Children's Centre could offer any services to you or your family, please get in touch with us.