Supporting Families

Sure Start - Outreach Services

A support worker is available to families to offer support on various issues such as Behaviour Management, Toilet Training, Diet/Routines, Speech and Language and Play skills.


Speech and Language Support

At the Dry Arch SureStart we have a dedicated Speech and Language therapist and part of their role consists of:

  • Providing advice to parents and practical information about ways to promote early language
  • Providing early language groups for children
  • Identifying children who may benefit from Speech and Language therapy and with parents' permission refer them to the speech and language therapist in their local health centre.

Our speech and language therapists are happy to provide general advice if parents have questions or concerns about their child's understanding or talking.

Home Visiting

Dry Arch SureStart offers home visits to all families living within the SureStart catchment area with young children and introduce them to SureStart services. The following electoral wards are covered by the Dry Arch SureStart - Coolessan, Dungiven, Enagh, Feeney, Glack, Upper Glenshane, Roeside, Greystone and Highland electoral ward.

Families who require support and have difficulty accessing group programmes can availa of individual support through SureStart staff, e.g. nurturing, Incredible years, one to one yoga/massage sessions.

This ensures SureStart services are inclusive and available and accessible to all families, reducing social isolation, especially in rural catchment areas. It also helps to build parental confidence and have a positive impact on the child.