Solihull Parenting Programme

Sure Start Programme - Solihull Parenting Programme

Description: The Solihull Approach parenting group includes a range of strategies to enhance parent and child relationships. Activities are designed to encourage a reflective style of parenting that leads to more sensitive and effective parenting.

Target Group:  Parents     Duration: 10 Weeks

Benefits of Solihull Parenting Programme:

  • To promote understanding of children’s behaviour within context of developmental issues.
  • To promote child/ parents reciprocity.
  • To increase confidence and self-esteem in parent and child.
  • To giving parents a strategy for repair when things go wrong.
  •  To develop a framework for thinking about parent/child relationships, which can be developed into a life long skill.
  • To promote reflective, sensitive and effective parenting

Previous participants of the Dry Arch Solihull Approach Programme receiving their certificates.