Physical Activity for Parents

Physical activity for parents

Description:Sure Start offers a range of Physical Activity sessions which varies each year for Parents who have children 0-3 years, within our catchment area. These have included Zumba, Jiving Classes and Boot Camps in the past.

Target Group:Parents/Carers
Duration:Usually 4-8 weeks
More information on physical activity:

  • These sessions will improve your general health by taking part in weekly fitness sessions which will encourage weight loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure and have a range of other health benefits.
  • They will help to take your mind of the stresses of everyday life by enjoying a fun, fitness session with other parents who have busy lives. Sessions are available to all regardless of ability and tailored so you will feel comfortable within group.
  • These sessions are free to attend as long as you are registered with SureStart.
  • There is crèche available for our physical activity sessions so you can attend the programmes while your children are being cared for by Dry Arch staff.