Oral Health

Sure Start Programme - Oral Health

The Dry Arch SureStart provide Oral health workshops, led by our trained Family Support Worker we aim to get across key messages to parents including swapping sugary foods and drinks for healthier alternatives, brushing children’s teeth thoroughly and visiting the dentist regularly.  The workshops are brought to life by using the sugar game, puppets and the ‘big mouth’ model.

During these sessions, children who are not registered with a dentist are identified and parental support is provided.  Children in attendance at these oral health workshops are given free resources including toothbrushes, 2 minute timers, stickers and toothpaste to continue good dental hygiene at home. The sessions also highlight to parents that good oral health is a key factor in speech development and as such, further measures have been put in place to encourage parents to reduce dummy and bottle use when their children reach 1 year old.

Please contact the Dry Arch Centre in Dungiven on 02877742904 to enquire about booking an oral health workshop or to find our more information.

Advice for pregnant mothers regarding oral health:

  • Always let your dentist know you are pregnant
  • You may notice that gums become inflamed during pregnancy, and that they may bleed.  This is due to hormone changes in your body.  This means that you must keep a high standard of oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly.  This may also include routine scaling treatments.
  • NHS dental treatment is free to all expectant mothers and up until the baby is one year

For further information please contact the Dry Arch Centre.