Dawn’s Dry Arch Blog – Week 3

Dawn's Dry Arch Blog - Week 3

This has been a quiet week with the lovely Easter holibops and the gorgeous sunshine. Spending time outside has made a huge difference to how this house has felt about staying home, getting out in the garden, planting spuds and onions have the kids planning and wanting to plant more. We even managed to get all of us sitting in the garden at one time - miraculous, that’s the beauty of a home dug firepit and marshmallows.

So, this is our new normal and it for sure is starting to feel more normal, until I watch the news then it freaks me out again for a bit, that’s when I run through the house sanitising all visible hands. The children are aware but not stressed as they were at first, unless I sneeze one of those sneaky sneezes that my little one tells me is tricky to keep in. When a sneaky sneeze gets out then everyone scarpers to the corners of the house (good to know if you need a minute). Although between you and me my hideout of choice and my snack chomping space is the under stairs loo (I get at least three to four minutes before I’m announced lost). Willow the dog usually outs me by lying outside the door!!!

Some of our issues from last week have been somewhat resolved with blood sweat and exhausted determination. Our little seven-year-old night owl is now in a far more acceptable sleep pattern, it was an epic battle of wits and minds and was ultimately won by turning off Wi-Fi, locking away all devices, hiding cables and generally just being “the WORST parent ever”. I slept very well with that title ringing in my ears and am ready for the next parental challenge with renewed confidence. Here to be you parent kiddo not your 4am TV buddy.

The snacking controversy that is hitting our nation was also addressed in this house this week and by addressed, I mean I tip toed to the fridge for a little snackaroo (I don’t want to be caught I might have to share) and there on the fridge door in huge print, a sign. It read “Step away from the fridge, you are BORED not HUNGRY – close the door”. How can a sign make you feel so cross, I have made up a new naughty word list talking back to that sign lol. Between hiding all the snacks and the sign I do think it has worked.

I am hoping that the Easter break has given you all a break from the stress of home schooling. Its been a tough few weeks for us all. For me it’s a break in the stress and the guilt. The daily feeling of guilt and panic as a parent to get my kids to do ANY school work of any kind is exhausting however, I know I’m succeeding as a parent when we laugh together, when we discuss our days and thoughts together, when my son and daughter want to help me make dinner. We have cinema nights and we are enjoying the closeness and the connection of being a family again. This is what we will all remember from this time in our lives, they will remember how we made them feel and I hope it is loved, protected and safe.

It has also been commented on that I am probably one of the few people who have become more social in these times of social distancing. We were socially distant before it became necessary. Any family with a child on the spectrum will know sometimes (a lot of times) isolation is a huge part of our lives. Getting out a few hours to socialise can be impossible or else takes huge forward precision planning. ZOOM and I can chat for hours with my crew from the comfort of my own home, it’s a whole new world, and after my weekly session with my girls I don’t feel like I’m isolated anymore, I feel comforted, I feel surrounded by my friends. We even managed a karaoke session we sang like ABBA, it was the computers fault the timing was off!!!!

So, reach out to your friends, don’t be lonely, there are ways around it, we are designed to socially connect, its good for our soul, it raises us up and together we will get through it.

Keep safe and well our Dry Arch Community, Stay Home.

The Dry Arch is here to support our families through these days.

For right now, and until next week we are a home in lock down loving each other through it (mostly).