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Growing up was never easy, but today’s young people have to cope with so many pressures. Everything from how they look to how well they do in school can be stressful. Every day Dry Arch Family Support Workers and Youth Mentors meet wonderful young people who are not always aware of their many fine qualities.
Young people can feel very alone and might struggle in school or get into rows and trouble when underneath they just want to share what is going on inside and, because they love and do not want to upset their parents, they keep it inside.

Our Youth Mentors are really good at getting to know young people by building relationships of trust. This can be done individually or through group programmes like the very successful Teenage Action Group (T.A.G.) or Creating Connections programme. Just call our Dungiven Centre and ask to speak with Damien or Donna to find out more.

You can complete a request for support here or fill out this quick enquiry form and we can get back to you.

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