Family Fun Days

Sure Start Programme - Family Fun Days

Sure Start offers a range of Family Fun Community Events including Spooky Spectacular, Mother’s and Father’s Day Events, Christmas Winter Wonderland and Picnic In The Park.

Target Group:  Everyone
Duration: Ongoing

Today's family is very busy.  Most families have both parents working.  But making time for spending quality time as a family is a very important investment of your family's time.
Spending time together enjoying fun activities is associated with children and parents having a stronger emotional bond.

SureStart’s programmes and activities don't cost any money and the important thing to remember it’s doing things together as a family that counts ‘quality time’.
Spending time as a family is associated with better communication amongst family members and children.

Young children learn their habits from you, their parents.  You are the most influential person in your child's life.  Family time gives children the opportunity to learn and model your behaviours.