Bright Beginnings

Sure Start Programme - Bright Beginnings

Description: We all know that every child grows and develops differently. Some babies are easy, others are fussy. Some are easily soothed and some need held tightly. Some like when you sing to them, others need a break or quiet time. Some readily smile while others are quiet observers. There are late walkers and some late talkers, some toddlers go with the flow and others are challenging. Parents and children need to take the time to get to know each other and develop a rhythm that works for them.
Target Group:  Parents with children under 1 year old    Duration: Weekly programme.

Benefits of Bright Beginnings:

  • Exploring with parents what it means to be responsive to their child’s needs and why strong bonds and attachment is important.
  • The programme provides parents with a range of strategies on how to make positive connections with their babies/children.
  • Parents explore children’s developmental needs and how they can play a central role in their child’s education.

For further information please contact the Dry Arch Centre.