Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflexology

Description: Reflexology is a health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Baby Reflexology show parents how to safely apply a gentle reflexology treatment on their child to aid common ailments, promote calm and relaxation.


Target Group:  Parents with babies aged 6 weeks to pre-crawling stage weeks to pre-crawling.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Benefits of Baby Reflexology:It is fun and enjoyable for both baby and parent.

    • It can help relieve many discomforts including colic, wind, reflux, constipation, tummy upsets, teething pains, sleeping problems and ear congestion.
    • It gives babies a boost of the hormone oxytocin which aids good feeling and restfulness.
    • Helps both baby and parent to relax.
    • Provides opportunities for parents to spend quality time with their babies.
    • It also helps parents bond with their little one and feel at one with him or her. This can be a great technique to use for either the mother or the father.
    To find out if we are currently running baby reflexology in our planner in Dungiven or Limavady please click here. You can ask any further questions by filling out our enquiry form on the contact page or calling the Dry Arch Centre on 02877742904.