Ante-natal Nurturing

Ante-natal nurturing

Description: Our Ante-natal nurturing programme consists of 8 sessions and is a relaxed way for parents to think about the transition to parenthood and discuss issues that can be challenging for every new mother and father. Key topics include understanding your baby, infant brain development, healthy choices as parents, breastfeeding, promoting self-esteem, confidence and effective communication.
Target Group:  Expectant Parents
Duration: 8 Weeks

Benefits of ante-natal nurturing:

  • Providing an opportunity for expectant parents to explore their hopes and fears for the future.
  • Ensure parents attending the programme share experiences and ideas.
  • To provide parents’ with an understanding of how their baby will develop before and after the birth, their physical and emotional needs, the importance of attachment and empathy.
  • To increase parents’ understanding of their own emotional needs and to nurture themselves so that they can provide the best start in life.
  • Ensure parents to think about their own futures.
  • To increase parents’ understanding of the benefits of breastfeeding and the practical tasks of caring for a new baby.

If you are interested in attending this programme please get in touch with us and one of the SureStart staff will be delighted to help.