Ante Natal Home Visits

Antenatal Clinic Information

When and where: Come and speak to us when your attending your appointment with the Midwives in Roe Valley Hospital on Monday morning and we will are happy to discuss all the programmes and services that Dry Arch Sure Start offer and if you are interested you can register on the day and start attending some of the antenatal programmes we deliver.

Target Group:  Expectant Parents
Duration: Weekly
Benefits of Antenatal Clinic:

  • Helping you prepare you for the arrival of your new baby - Our antenatal programmes cover the following areas:
    • Parental Relationships
    • Emotional Health and Well-being
    • The Developing Child/Neurosciences
    • Breastfeeding
    • Understanding Your Baby’s Cues
    • Attachment and Bonding
    • Communication and Language Development

We can also give you information about offer sources of help and support in your local area, including specialist services.

For further information please contact the Dry Arch Centre's SureStart team. If you complete the enquiry form we will get back to you